FFMA Membership
FFMA Association
The Five Fold Ministry Assembly (FFMA) Association is a community of ministers in relationship with the FFMA. The FFMA offers spiritual covering, training, resources and other discipleship tools needed for our Association members to advance the kingdom of God.  Joining the FFMA Association provides the opportunity to network with ministers who sense a common value, mission and commitment to restoring the church.

What can I expect as a FFMA Association member?
When you join the FFMA as an Association member, you will be given the opportunity to minister within a nurturing environment where you can thrive, prosper and accelerate your ministry calling. You will be welcomed into the fivefold ministry as we endeavor to edify the Body of Christ and advance the kingdom.

Here are some things you can expect from us:
  • True Apostolic/Prophetic covering
  • Compliance and regulatory housekeeping support
  • Access to financial resources and advice
  • A network of relational and growth opportunities
  • Networking with others at the annual FFMA convention and local FFMA leadership events

What does it take to become a FFMA Association member?
The FFMA Association includes two groups: community members and credentialed ministers. As a community member applicant, your district office will put you in contact with a local FFMA minister to help you establish relationships and discuss the Assembly. To become a credentialed FFMA member, begin by completing the requirements to become a community member. Then follow the application process to obtain your FFMA credential.

Attaining Five Fold Ministry Assembly Credentials
In order to be licensed, candidates must receive an appointment to serve at a FFMA church.  Candidates who are serving in non-FFMA appointments may pursue credentialing through FFMA Association. The FFMA has several district offices located throughout the U.S. to serve our local churches. Contact FFMA Corporate to get your credentialing process started.

Membership Options

Community Members
Community membership is an informal relationship based on shared values, doctrine and mission. You will have opportunity to network with other FFMA ministers and participate in leadership training events and times of fellowship. You will be added to the FFMA mailing lists and invited to both district events and the annual FFMA convention.

Credentialed Members
Credentialed membership is a formal covering that is backed by the full support of the FFMA.

Getting Started
Whether you are called to serve at a local church, as an evangelist or even a missionary, here’s what it takes to get credentialed within The Five Fold Ministry Assembly .
  • Contact your local district office and request a license application form and recommendation forms.
  • Return your application forms to your district with the current application fee.
  • Receive approval from your district to begin the coaching process; your district will then assign a guide.
  • When the guiding process is complete, the district will then assemble a licensing panel and conduct an interview.
  • Upon the licensing panel’s recommendation, your district supervisor is responsible for giving final approval for licensure.

The Community Member Association annual fee is $200.
The Credentialed Member Association annual fees are as follows:
First year: $335     Following years: $200


Contact Us
Have some questions? Our staff members there are ready to help. If you are submitting your application form, use the address listed on the form.